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FAQ: What is the Voice Recorder designed to do?

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  • Voice Recorder for iPod w/ Dock Connector (F8E462)

        What is the Voice Recorder designed to do?

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    The Voice Recorder is specifically designed to fulfill the most frequently requested iPod feature, based on feedback from iPod users to Apple:  voice recording for personal dictation.  IPod updater 2.1 includes recording capability which maximizes storage space by generating very small files with audio quality acceptable for and comparable to inexpensive dictation-type digital voice recorders.

    The Voice Recorder also offers a small speaker, intended to allow you to review the memos and selectively delete them from the iPod.  However, for optimal listening, we suggest use of earbuds, powered speakers, or transfer to iTunes.

    Last Updated: 3/2/2005 2:48:26 AM

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